July 2015

Mitsubishi Outlander

This production of 2 images for Mitsubishi combines car photography with CGI characters and environments to highlight the technology of the new Outlander. Working with ad agency Africa and photographer Aderi Costa, our task was to design futuristic characters taking design cues from the car. We worked up concept sketches, refining the designs to a sophisticated level before commencing the 3d modeling phase.


An integrated campaign conceived by Heads Progaganda running across print, television and online.
We took a fully CGI approach for the stills and motion. The campaign reminds people that when donating blood, you give much more than just blood.
You give LOVE, HOPE, LIFE.


This global campaign saw us delivering a total of 54 images for US agency GSW. Working closely with photographer Ross Brown, we created a rabble of mischevious typographic robots all hell bent on stealing the limelight in a variety of scenes…