February 2016

The Verge

Inspired by the book “Rendezvous with Rama” by Arthur C. Clarke, our computer generated astronaut meets the world’s end. By seamlessly matte painting over 100 aerial pictures of giant proportions, our artists worked hard to bring this surreal idea to life.


By seamlessly matte painting over 100 aerial photographs, Milton Menezes, Director at Lightfarm, worked hard for over a month to bring this surreal idea to life.

Chris Chui, CG Artist at Lightfarm, used the latest tech in cloth simulation in order to model the astronaut’s spacesuit.


Our super fun Letters Can Kill project via ad agency Africa scored us our first Lurzers Archive cover. We modelled the characters then utilised shots from photographer Aderi Costa to add in additional facial detail. The campaign highlights the dangers of texting while driving.


Goodby Silverstein & Partners asked us to create this computer server globe for Cisco.
Our artists modeled in some insane detail, right down to the circuit boards.

Pepsi Twist

After nearly 10 years, Lightfarm helps Pepsi bring back their cheeky lime characters in this new campaign by Almap BBDO. One of two Pepsi Twist campaigns we’ve completed recently, both with quite different production processes. Whereas the other was a more traditional photographic approach, the brief, timing and budget on this one were well suited to the entirely CGI solution. We like to mix it up!


“With Lightfarm you can not only count on excellent work but also on having an amazing time on the project. It’s a bunch that’s always excited about delivering great results for both the agency and the client.” – André Gola, Creative Director at Almap BBDO.

Toyota 86

Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney had a very specific brief for this Toyota 86 on a hairpin bend.
We photographed the background in the alpine region of Victoria, Australia. Actually the background is a composite of half a dozen locations up and down the same road.
The car is CGI using Toyota CAD data.


It was great to get the chance to create one of the Perrier “Melt” images – an iconic campaign that has been around for a few years now.
All CGI except for the talent which we photographed in our Melbourne studio and on the beach in Thailand.
Thanks to Ogilvy & Mather New York.


Conference and presentation material for heart medication Zontivity.
Via specialist healthcare marketing agency Harrison & Star, New York.


Retouching for fashion label Glassons, shot by photographer Derek Henderson.

Toyota Hilux

An epic Mad Max Fury Road inspired image for Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney… we combined a couple of equally epic photos from our extensive image library to create the background, the car is CGI utilising CAD data from Toyota. One of the challenging aspects of this project was the final image needed to cover an extreme range of formats, check out the super wide billboard version below…


New Leo Burnett campaign for Fiat Brazil. The images show a garden gnome, a fire hydrant and a mailbox making selfies in order to highlight the new Fiat cars rear camera view. We created the characters in CGI and photographed the backgrounds in Rio de Janeiro.

Tiger Beer

A global campaign for Tiger Beer, via Saatchi & Saatchi Kuala Lumpur.


CGI Sculpture for Stihl, DDB NZ.


We helped Leo Burnett deliver an extensive campaign to promote the opening of the new Jeep factory in Brazil. Lots of CAD, lots of HDRi.

Dodge Ram

CGI cars / stock backgrounds


When we first received the visual for Burn Energy Drink from Rapha Borges, Art Director at WMcCANN, it was one of those “Love at first sight” projects.

We got the chance to develop everything from the concept art to the final render. Our biggest challenge was creating photorealistic 3D wool for the sheep. 3D fire simulation was another lesson learned from this project.


Retouching for this Seresto campaign shot by photograher Chris Frazer Smith. Via Zone Advertising, London.

Tip Top

CGI ice cream for Tip Top

Harmful Nature

“Harmful Nature” is our latest self initiated portfolio piece. Our concept represents the dark and tragic tale of impossible love between the diver and the mermaid. From the initial idea, to the pre production of the shoot, to the 3D modelling, to the post production of the final image, we blended all of our knowledge and years of experience in these areas to produce a piece that is as real as it is dark.

News test

Millions of fans are getting ready to tune in this Sunday for the highly anticipated American football event. If your team is in the big game (or even if they’re not!) it can be fun to imagine what it would look like to see them win. Enter Milton Menezes, who shows us that even if your pick doesn’t get the highest score, you can still visualize them as champs by using Adobe Fuse CC characters in Photoshop.

Milton Menezes, Director – Latin America at the Rio de Janeiro office of the multinational advertising art house Lightfarm Studios, is a self-described “Photoshop Artist” with an extensive background in photography. Though many artists on his team specialize in adding CGI to content, Milton’s main medium is Photoshop. For him, creating this final piece using 3D characters was a fun way to push the boundaries of reality. Check out the video to see the steps he took to build his own 3D football player characters in Fuse and then pose them in Photoshop CC.

Mitsubishi TR4

Mitsubishi Pajero TR4 O’Neill is a special edition to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mitsubishi’s ever enduring Pajero SUV series.

Finding a location that featured Rio with the sun setting between buildings proved to be impossible during a rainy week in the city, however this only made our task all the more interesting.

The car was shot during a very short interval of 15 minutes of no rain. After shooting several locations, we decided that the only way to do the background of this project would be to rebuild the city in CGI, using actual location references as a guide. All elements were seamlessly composited by the retouching team to produce the final image.

Evil Octopus

Our “Evil Octopus” is a self initiated portfolio piece and accompanying video designed to give our clients some insight into how we create these 100% CGI scenes.


Campaign for the new Corona can via Cramer Krasselt Chicago.  Shots care of Photographer Ross Brown, we retouched and created CGI scroll headline.


Agency: Africa | Photographer: Pedro Dimitrow

Audi S6

Fully CGI environment and car for agency BCG2.


We helped Greenpeace out with this CGI walrus, a message about global warming & how it effects wildlife. Via Publicis.

Sony 3D Televisions

A campaign for Sony 3d televisions with some nice shots from photographer Adam Browning-Hill in Dudai.

Defence Forces

Our CGI artists referenced military plane and ship interiors for this brief from Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington, its actually a wrap for a bus, part of a recruitment campaign for the New Zealand armed forces. We worked with photographer Steve Boniface for the talent shots.