October 2016

Simon McCormack

Founder & CEO

Milton Menezes


Rafael Vallaperde

Creative Director

Astro Rocks!

Astro Rocks is an original idea by Rafael Coppola, CG Artist at Lightfarm, who modeled the main character entirely in 3D using the cloth simulation software, Marvelous Designer, to render photorealistic clothing.

The crowd was a photographic addition to the idea and we used the full Lightfarm team as models for the composition. Needless to say the photoshoot was very fun to do and this one ended up being one of our most popular artworks.

Life Candle

We are always working on new ideas to keep ourselves inspired as artists. In our spare time we try to create new concepts and bring the best ones to life.

The Life Candle, designed by our 3D artist Kawe de Sá, symbolizes the fire that keeps us going. Something we often seek in other people or even in things, but that actually burns inside each of us.

People on their deathbeds usually regret the risks they never took, seldom regretting things they’ve done but wish they had not. This piece inspires us to realize our dreams before our flame goes out.

Yvonne Hu

Business Development – China

Calver Brito

Finance – Brazil

Diego Maricato

Lead CGI Artist

Drunk Aliens

“Drunk Aliens” is an original and fun idea by Rafael Vallaperde, Creative Director at Lightfarm. The idea is about three easy going Aliens who just landed on Earth trying a few shots of Tequila for the first time.

The project won the best modeling award from the CGSociety’s 10 Year Awards. The making-of video on Vimeo got a Staff Pick and more than 100K views in a few days. In the video you can follow Rafael throughout his process to the final image.

Yes Wedding

A pleasure working with photographer: Pedro Dimitrow on these gorgeous shots.
“High mood, talented, committed and creative. Always willing to add, even on the run. All this makes Lightfarm the perfect partner for any job, always amazing! ” – Photographer: Pedro Dimitrow