November 2016

Volkswagen Genuine Parts

To promote Volkswagen Genuine Parts, we focused in on the DNA and through the use of iconic characters (cupid, pirate, royal guard and ballet dancer) suggest that a tiny difference in the genetics could affect everything else.

“Doing a job with Lightfarm was a dream since I was a student, and the experience was the best… with great ideas and very high quality, each new image was a revelation! Thanks to all the staff, you’re unbelievable. I look forward to working with you on the next one!” Vitor Fubu, Art Director, BBDO Almap.


Thadeu Felix

Production Manager

Art Dino

Do you know whatís better than a Tyrannossaurus? A painting Tyranossaurus! No matter how crazy it is, keep believing in your art! Art Dino is an original idea by Rafael Vallaperde, Creative Director at Lightfarm.

Porta dos Fundos

It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to work with artists like the Porta dos Fundos (Back Door) cast. The Brazilian comedy group has over 10 million followers on YouTube and the Great Gonzalez is the first new program from Porta dos Fundos for Fox Brazil. Lightfarm worked on the campaign art direction in partnership with Fox from concept to delivery.

Rafael Coppola

CGI Artist

Rafael Moco

CGI Artist


Composite of studio and location photography, shot by the Lightfarm team for Leo Burmett.

Marcéu Lobo

Lead Post Production

Ramon Saroldi

Post Production

Thiago Paladino

VFX / Post Production

Be Yourself

A Lightfarm portfolio piece. Break all the stereotypes, be yourself!

Kawe de Sa


Diego Barcellos

Illustrator / Post Production

Anderson Santos



Tasty photography for WMcann, from our in-house photography team.

Rodrigo Maselli

Art Director

Silva Herdova

Executive Assistant

Karen Maia


Adobe – 3d Fuse / Super Bowl

“Every year, the Super Bowl is one of the worlds most anticipated sporting events. If your team is in the big game (or even if it is not!) It can be fun to imagine what it would be like to see them win. Photoshop artist Milton Menezes shows us that even if your team does not win, you can still imagine it as champions using characters from Adobe Photoshop CC Fuse.

Milton, director at multinational producer Lightfarm Studios Rio de Janeiro studio, is a self-described “Photoshop Artist” with an extensive background in photography. Although many artists at Lightfarm are 3D content experts, Milton’s main tool is Photoshop. For him, the creation of this final piece with 3D characters was a fun way to expand the boundaries of reality. Check out the video to see the steps he took to build their own characters with football players in 3D Fuse and then put them in Photoshop CC.”

Chantel Benson
Adobe product manager