January 2017

The Stall

People usually ask, where the ideas come from? 💩
“The Stall”, our new photography work with a slice of 3D. 💡

Original idea: Ramon Saroldi. Sexy model (against his will): Thiago Paladino. Photography: Milton Menezes and Anderson Santos.
Post Production: Ramon Saroldi. 3D (lightbulb): Rafael Moco. Set design: Anderson Santos.

Child Obesity

We launched this campaign to coincide with National Child Obesity Awareness Month (September). The campaign draws attention to the often irreversible, lifelong consequences of obesity during childhood. The idea of trapping a child in an obese version of him or herself, made of an outline of their seat, is meant to startle physicians in the hope that they will have these difficult conversations with parents more often and urgently. All too often, physicians don’t see the lifestyle habits of children as something that has the power to dramatically influence the rest of their lives. Although Type 2 Diabetes and other weight-related chronic disorders don’t emerge until years later, the most profound opportunity to prevent them happens early on.


Client: DiaTribe
Creative Agency: Area 23/ FCB Health
Executive Creative Director: Tim Hawkey
VP/Creative Directors: Bernardo Romero, Jesse Kates
VP/Associate Creative Director: Jay Sylvester
Art Director: Bernardo Romero
Copywriter: Jesse Kates
CGI/Photography: Lightfarm

Peppermint Bugs

Check out our latest animation work – Because what you see… Isn’t always the truth!

Sound design by Casa Dois

Toyota Christmas

Ho, ho ho… merrry christmas Toyota! A cute christmas card idea via our friends at Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney.