August 2017

United Nations

It was such an honor for us to work in the post production of this project with the United Nations OCHA and all the VML New York team.

The images are part of #NotATarget campaign, that aims to help millions of people caught in armed conflict.

Photo by Marko Kokik

Rick and Morty

Splash Art, Parallax and Cinemagraphs are animated images or videos. It’s perfect for quick videos ads.

Our illustrator Dieg Barcellos, a fan of Rick and Morty, drew a fan art honoring the third season of the show.

We’ll have to wait for Rick and Morty’s next season to see if they will ever get the Dragon Balls, but in the meantime you can watch in loop our new 4K Splash Art!

Sugar Hit

Do you know what happens when we mix a sugar bomb with a pinch of Pin-up references?
You have a deliciously-tasty-explosive Sugar Hit, Lightfarm’s latest creation!
Gathering photography and CGI, Rafael Vallaperde, Helena Lopes and Ramon Saroldi sought to reproduce a fun re-reading of the Pin-up universe, highlighting women’s fearless nature.


Concept: Rafael Vallaperde and Helena Lopes. Concept art: Caio Monteiro
Photography: Milton Menezes and Anderson Santos
Production: Karen Maia. Post-Production: Ramon Saroldi. 3D: Rafael Moco
Model: BlackBarbie. Makeup: Carol Vallaperde. Wardrobe: Tay Oliveira