November 2017

Jeep Night Eagle

100% CGI cars for Jeep Renegade and!
This time, our CGI team used CINEMA 4D to build the car and did the final rendering using Octane Render. Our post-production team integrated the 3D renders over the background image with our good old friend Adobe Photoshop.

Fix Toxic Laundry

The viral creative photographer Benjamin Von Wong invited us to do the post-production of the amazing photography work for “Fix Toxic Laundry” campaign.

The project aims to persuade the washer manufacturers to seek a solution to the water pollution caused by the plastic fibers that escape from clothes during their washing.

Von Wong hopes that art can be the perfect conversation starter with these companies to let them know that the consumers care and want a solution for this problem.

Learn more and support the cause:

Ford Ranger

We were invited by GTB to produce the images of the newest Ford Ranger campaign, which highlights the trust that owners have with the truck for day-to-day work and highlights values such as family, work and overcoming.

In this work, Milton Menezes and Anderson Santos photographed the eye, the model and hands that were used in the campaign images. The final images of the cars were left to our post-production team, who incorporated the photos of the pickup trucks into the scenes integrating various elements, such as backgrounds, water, mud and the dust.