December 2017

Santa Project

Christmas break? Here and at our Lapland’s branch, the factory is in full swing! As always, the elves are crazed to respond to all requests and deliver all jobs on time and with excellence. This art 100% illustration done by our very own Giselle Almeida is a celebration to the Christmas spirit. Hohoho!

Snow Ride

The Snow Ride main idea came after Lightfarm Rio director Milton Menezes arrived from his honeymoon in Ushuaia with a memory card filled with cars and snowy landscape photographs. The challenge proposed to Flavio Teixeira, our experienced Post-Production artist, was to transform a simple photograph of a parked Kia Sportage 2017 in an epic and dynamic scene. For the composition, Flavio integrated more than ten different photographs. Mission Accomplished!

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales is Lightfarm’s newest original photography work! Here, we turned models into mystical beings of nature by inserting 3D elements.


Photography: Milton Menezes and Anderson Santos
Photoshop: Milton Menezes, Marcéu Lobo, Ramon Saroldi and Cauê Andrade
3D: Diego Maricato, Rafael Coppola Defelippe and Marcelo Cabral
Make up: Caroline Vallaperde and Karlla Azevedo
Models: Carolinne Oliveira, Laryssa Ayres and Rodrigo Maselli
Original Idea: Rafael Vallaperde
Executive Production: Karen Maia
Concept: Caio Monteiro

Alpha 59

This campaign is about ordinary people who, thanks to the channel, can live in an extreme environment. The means of transportation is a metaphor for the Alpha channel, where the viewer can leave a trivial reality to discover and become immersed in an extraordinary world.

The step-by-step approach involved first photographing the models and creating a variety of vehicles in 3D. We then integrated these elements into the scenarios of Mars and a Snow-topia, which were built using the Matte Painting technique.