January 2018

Deus Salve o Rei

It was a huge honor to us to be part of the opening of Rede Globo’s newest production, Deus Salve o Rei. For around 1 month, our 3D team have worked on the 3D modeling of all the scenes using Zbrush e Cinema 4D.
Thanks to Flavio Mac, Alexandre Romano and all Rede Globo team for the opportunity to be part of such a special work.
And big thanks to all 3D Artists involved on this project: Rafael Vallaperde, Diego Maricato, Rafael Coppola Defelippe, Rafael Moco, Jennifer Olivr, Erlon Abrantes, Flavio Novi, Steferson Rocha, Diogo Reis and Alexandre Piovani.

Creative Direction: Sergio Valente, Mariana Sá
Creation: Alexandre Romano, Flavio Mac, Fabricio Duque, Felipe Lobo
Direction: Alexandre Romano, Flavio Mac
Art Direction: Alexandre Romano, Fabricio Duque, Flavio Mac, Christiano Clavet
CGI, Animation and Composition: Flavio Mac, Felipe Lobo, Fabricio Duque, Gustavo Duval, Wanderson Andre Santos
Executive Production: Orlando Martins
Concept Art: Koi Factory
Logo Design: Fabricio Duque
Creation Supervising: Valerycka Rizzo
Creation Assistant: Gisele Ramalho
Account Executives: Carla Sá, Suzana Prista, Fabienne Verbicaro, Paula Machado

Lady of War

“Lady of War” is Giselle Almeida’s newest artwork! This piece is a direct criticism to the images where male dominance is normalized, and women are presented in stereotypical roles. “For a long time, I saw illustrations with men portrayed as powerful and strong beings, while women usually appeared submissive or vulnerable, and almost always half naked. In ‘Lady of War’, my intention was to make a provocation and reverse the roles, exalting every woman’s ability to defend themselves”, explains the illustrator.