July 2018

Neural Dive

An expedition to the deepest areas of the human body is the theme of Lightfarm’s newest work, which is a mix of 3D and Post Production. “The idea of reproducing divers exploring a sea of neurons brings out the almost infinite universe we have within ourselves. It’s like a world that at first is unimaginable and only is discovered thanks to scientific advances,” explains Rafael Coppola, author of the original idea. With the exception of the divers, which were integrated into the scene with post-production, all other elements were developed in 3D using ZBrush, Cinema 4D and Octane Render tools.

Original Idea: Rafael Coppola
CGI: Rafael Coppola and Marcelo Cabral
Post Production: Cauê Andrade and Marcéu Lobo

Beware of Dino

Beware of the dog – or rather, Dino! The new original idea by Lightfarm is inspired by the movie Jurassic World. The idea here was to reproduce an everyday scene of a dog looking desperately at someone playing in the neighborhood, or anxiously waiting for the owner to arrive and play with him.

I believe that every 3D artist who likes creatures and characters has a certain passion for dinosaurs. So I wanted to play with the violent image that we have of the raptor and make him cute and slightly impish“, explains Diego Maricato, Lead CGI Artist in Lightfarm and author of the original idea.


Softwares: Zbrush, Cinema 4D, Modo, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer and Redshift
Original idea and 3D: Diego Maricato
Post Production: Marcéu Lobo

Stop Elder Abuse

“Time has been cruel enough. Stop elder abuse” – This is the theme of this year’s annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Campaign. In order to draw public attention to this issue, Area 23 FCB invited us to create images that represent the suffering lived through the years by each of the elderly. For this, we photographed them in the studio and then added the 3D elements in each of the wrinkles. The post production was the final touch to emphasize the dramatic nature of the matter.

Unhide Conference

We are super honored to be one of the supporters of Unhide Conference, the first Digital Art event to be held in Brazil. Both of illustrations were made by our team specially for the Conference: the first by Dieg Barcellos, and the second by Giselle Almeida.

Original idea: Milton Menezes
For more information and tickets, go to Unhide Conference Website.