April 2019

Bradesco Livelo

By invitation of Agência One, Lightfarm signed the production of the animation video for Bradesco Livelo fidelity campaign. The video was modelled all in 3D using Cinema 4D, Blender and finished in After Effects.


Mandragoras, the most recent study from our Creative Director Rafael Vallaperde done on Blender 2.8 + Zbrush, has been featured on the Picks section of ArtStation! He explains to us a little bit about this project, he shared with us his experience of studying new software with these sweetie CGI little monsters:

“Learning Blender was something that I wanted to do in a long time. When I saw Giselle Almeida’s work, I loved it so much that I thought it could be a great project to execute through a new tool and force myself to learn it. I used Blender 2.8 and Zbrush to sculpt and paint the prickly ones! This the first time I create personal art that wasn’t using a concept artwork of my own. It was nice trying to live up to the original’s beauty of it, but also taking risks and trying to improve it without deviating from the main road. Now, talking about the technical ride in Blender 2.8: overall the experience was a blast, and I can’t say it enough: Blender 2.8 is an amazing tool, this update was a monster, the UI and UX improvements are huge. Having a background in MODO, Blender felt so much it’s like a successor to it. It draws inspiration on so many of the things that made MODO user interface so great. Thank you Dalai Felinto for taking part of such a nice project. Rendering wise: Thought that Cycles was insanely nice to play with, responsive and with some beautiful node work on shaders. Random walk SSS is amazing. Renderer cooks hardcore in CPU+GPU mode. Big shout out to my pal Milton Menezes for giving me retouching tips in the end. You’re the wizard man! And Again thank you so much Gisa for producing such fine artwork, inspiring us all and being such a badass co-worker!”