“2142” is the result of a series of studies by the artists Robson Ribeiro (animator), Thiago Sul (Render and Lookdev), Rafael Moco (VFX), José Mauro Lobão (VFX) and Thiago Paladino (VFX, Compositing).

“This animation is a retelling of the machine-dominated dystopian future portrayed in the game Battlefield 2142. The idea was to create a short animation that explored different techniques and resulted in cinematic quality”, said Thiago Paladino.

Robot 1 – Ultimate Cop Mech
Model: Oscar Perez Ayala
Rig: Emilio Serrano

Robot 2 – Hekaton
Modelo: Luis Perez
Rig: Tre Vital

Animation: Robson Ribeiro
Lookdev/Light/Render: Thiago de Sul
Houdini Simulation: José Mauro Lobão Rafael Moco
VFX/Compositing/Sound: Thiago Paladino

Sofwares: Maya, Houdini, Blender, Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere.