Hospital Moinhos de Vento

The new McCann Health campaign for Moinhos de Vento Hospital, in Porto Alegre, promotes organ donation through the most basic questioning: What will you leave behind? What is your greatest treasure?

According to the Brazilian Association of Organ Transplants, only 1, out of every 8 potential organ donors, will be effective. To represent the greatest wealth that can be left in life, Lightfarm was invited to create valuable jewelry, or treasure, in the form of organs, from the development of the concepts, to the modeling of each piece. Every element is 100% in 3D.

When we thought of this campaign, we knew how challenging it would be to turn human organs into valuable jewels. Choosing Lightfarm Brazil allowed us to make this great idea into something memorable. A flawless, refined and agile work. I only have one word to describe it: brilliance.

– Thiago Silva, Art Director McCann Health Brasil

Thanks to all McCann Health team for giving us the opportunity to work for such important cause!

Creative Director: Bruno Abner Rebelo
Art Direction: Thiago Silva and Daniel Machado
Designer: Marcelo Segovia
Copyright: Monica Tritone and Fernando Franchim
Client approval: Marga Acioli and Mohamed Parrini