“Medusa” is a project developed specifically for UNHIDE School that focuses on producing a professional image in Photoshop using both photographic and 3D assets. The idea came with the proposal to shift the original mythology of the character “Medusa”, in which she is defeated by the character Perseus via beheading.

“My wife, Thaiane Lima who produced and photographed the models of the image, and myself decided that Medusa would no longer be the fallen, and instead she would behead Perseus,” explains Ramon Saroldi, the post-production artist for “Medusa” and teacher for the course. The step-by-step is available at UNHIDE School.

Original Idea and Photography: Thaiane Lima
Post Production: Ramon Saroldi
Concept Art: Giselle Almeida
3D: Marcelo Cabral (scenery and snakes), Diego Maricato (snakes), Diogo Reis (scenery) and Ramon Lima (accessories)
Light Setup: Anderson Santos
Photography Assistant: Daniel Silva
Makeup Artists: Caroline Vallaperde
Models: Sabrina Henrique and Elias Bueno