⏰ “Snooze” is the official opening video of UNHIDE Conference 2019, the largest digital art festival in Latin America, promoted by UNHIDE School, which just happened in Sao Paulo. It’s about breaking the routine and resilience to follow your dreams: “Keep on doing what you doing”. To do the things you want to accomplish requires discipline and passion. “Snooze” is also the real story about the professional dancer Gabriela who works in different places to provide for her daughter. She loves to dance and she dreams about working full-time dancing.

“Snooze” is the first short movie directed by Milton Menezes. A super ambitious production involving Pre-Production, Filming, HDR Capturing, 3D Scans, Motion Capture, Tracking, Clean-up, 2D and 3D Animation, 3D Simulation, Compositing and Colorimetry.

You can also check the Making of here

Softwares: Maya | C4D | Marvelous Designer | Houdini | Redshift | Rokoko | Adobe Photoshop | Animate CC | After Effects | Nuke | DaVinci Resolve